Off to Heathrow in the Babybus

So yesterday me, @That_Guy14 and @IFflyer flew from Valencia Airport to London, Heathrow in the BA Babybus A319.

Server: Expert
Route: LEVC-EGLL (BA409)
Time: 2:05

Me and @IFflyer parked while @That_Guy14 lines up on the taxi way

Taxiing to runway 12

Takeoff from Valencia!

Cruising over Spain!

Descent into London

Short final Runway 27L


3 Babybuses Parked at Heathrow!

I hope you enjoyed! Please vote for your favourite picture below:

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It was an amazing flight! :)

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It sure was!

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Amazing shots! Love the lighting and all the different angles, nice job! Hope it was a fun flight you guys.

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Yes it was amazing!

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Yet another underrated picture/screen shots… well done!

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Thanks, Plexi!

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Nice pictures 👍🏼

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how did you do that like put people to be able to vote?