Off to EGCC (He said)

Hello IFC yesterday I did a flight from LOWI to EGCC in my favourite airline. Which for your information was going great until I realised I was meant to be with my friends at the cinema. It was a scenic flight to start with… Until I had to leave. Anyway, without further ado here you go :)

server: Training
time: some point yesterday - I’ll have to check my cinema ticket and subtract 20 minutes.
route: LOWI -> EGCC

Here I am departing out of a very scenic LOWI runway 08. I like this as it shows IF nice mountains in the background

Thanks for viewing. Hope the picture was as good as the cinema :)


Oh wow, that was a really good pic considering the time you had to do it!

7/10 pic, I’ll give you a +1 for the time you had to do it! Happy flying!

Thanks @GearDownAviationYT it was weird when I got a call from my friend and heard the aircraft in the background.

Thanks again

Very cool picture! The Airbus looks very happy!

Beautiful! I enjoyed some mountains myself en route to Seattle from Newark in my United a320 a few hours ago over Canada!

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Thanks @JulianB and @Suhas

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