Off to Columbia!

Hi guys! I’d like to share with you guys my flight done yesterday in a babybus across the Caribbean Sea to South America.

  • TNCM - SKBO FL 380 M0.84 2Hr 22Mins Expert Server

A Dreamliner arriving Saint Marrten prior my departure.

Banking right after take off to avoid the terrain.


Meeting babybuses!!!

Thanks for viewing my first post in my new IFC account! Which one do you think it’s the best? Any pictures you’ve taken during yesterday flight in expert server? Tell us below!

Safe flight, Happy landings, and we’ll meet again in the next post ;)


Nice one
Just a recommandation : the A320 family doesn’t cruise a M0.84 but rather at M.078/079


Indeed, thanks for your reminder! I wanted to finish the flight before the online lessons so I increased the mach (-_-’)

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I love them!

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Hey there! Great photos, but not all of them follows the #screenshots-and-videos category rules. Visit this topic for more info on the rules ;)

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Thanks for your reminder, already edited the post ;)

This photo too ;)

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  • Please only post your best photos, making sure all HUD views, sidebars and display names and boxes are hidden

This is one of the rules


as a realism person this hurts 🥺 but I kinda like the pictures


Awesome pics! Nice work man!