Off the server

Idk what this is and idk if it happens to anyone else but yesterday in the singapore and seattle regions i experienced “episodes of idk weirdness”

Id be on my approach to an airport when all planes disappear and i cant contact atc even when im replying to an instruction it wont let me reply it lasted about 3minutes then everything came back it happened in both regions during approach has this happened to anyone before???

Idk if its lag because my little wifi symbol doesnt go orange it stays green…

yep thats happened to me many times i think its just your your internet connection.


Ohkay aha i thought i was the only one cause its so scary coz u dont know where the other planes are n im scared ill cut infront of other planes n be ghosted for not following instructions

yeh i was ghosted once because of that i went offline for 10 minutes

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Bad internet and planes’ll disappear.

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It’s happened to me once while I was doing a group flight. They said that I disappeared off the radar and while I disappeared, I could press send message but they wouldn’t actually send until I came back online. Everyone disappeared as well.

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This might be the opposite of the controlling events. Sometimes, while controllers control, we come across the white planes we cannot contact or send instructions to, but they can, and they are tuned into our frequency and everything. Possibly what happens on the other end, just the pilot not being able to communicate to the controller, instead of the controller not being able to communicate with the pilot. I think the controller received all your messages, but the device didn’t register it accordingly

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