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I see people always try to file waypoints, but GPS direct is also a way to fly. Since I fly military aircraft, I can file whatever I want, but I wonder do you guys also do that too. Or you guys still prefer stay on route, let me know what do you guys prefer.

I am confused. What is the goal of this topic?

Please could you explain in more detail.

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I personally ALWAYS use a complete flight plan with waypoints when I fly commercial.

If Iā€™m on casual and flying an A-10 through the Grand Canyon, a flight plan is useless.


A proper flight planning is always useful. If it is not just patterns I do produce a FP, and I do fly most time A-10.
I do not follow this FP precise, especially not in low level phases, but it eases navigation especially on longer flights if you have some waypoints for orientation. Additional it helps to avoid conflicts with other aircraft when you give them an idea of what you plan.

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Even in military aviation, there is no such thing as direct GPS flying or pilot discretion.

There is ALWAYS a filed flight plan with the appropriate authorities (eg. Tower controllers at AFBs).

In my opinion, flying GPS direct eg. EGLL - WPT - KLAX is a childish and unprofessional flying technique which should not be encouraged or replicated.

Yes. there are GPS direct in real life, but there are limitations, even in low IFR I can do full oroca inside US.
3 mile separation from special airspace
every centre boundary needs a waypoint.

I always stay en route on my exact flight plan unless otherwise instructed by ATC or to avoid turbulence

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