Off into the sunset - KDEN Spotting, September 5th, 2021

Hi y’all! It’s been a couple months since I was last able to spot, but last weekend, my dad and I drove out to a field to watch a couple special planes for a couple of hours. It was awesome to go back to the airport as I hadn’t gone since my Detroit trip in late June, and it was awesome to see normal levels of traffic returning to DEN. DEN never fails to disappoint, and I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Photo One: Starting this topic off is just another basic Delta Embraer E175, this one being registered as N283SY and being 3 years old, on short final from good old LAX as “Skywest 3692”

Photo Two: Up next is a common sight here at Denver. United is starting to ramp up the repainting of their fleet into the new colors, and actually finally getting a decent shot of one of their A320’s in these colors is nice. Here’s N412UA, which is actually older than Denver International itself, coming in at nearly 28 years old, having spent it’s full career of flying with United. It flew in from sunny San Jose del Cabo in Mexico as “United 338”

Photo Three: Starting off a pair of NEO’s is actually my first time seeing one of Spirit’s, as they always seem to have a really weird schedule into DEN. N933NK, today’s example, is just over one year old and operated “Spirit Wings 1656” from @Kamryn’s second home, Las Vegas Harry Reid (still weird to say) International Airport.

Photo Four: Concluding the NEO’s is just another basic Frontier NEO, with Frontier having over 70 of the type, with many more still on the way. “Miracle the Seagull”, despite being nowhere near the sea and today’s animal, is two years old and operated the short intra-Colorado hop from Grand Junction as “Frontier Flight 298”

Photo Five: Keeping with the ULCC theme here is not another NEO, but one of Sun Country’s growing 737 fleet. Sun Country has three liveries on their 737-800 fleet, with this one being the oldest one, with me already seeing their interim and tide pod liveries before. N820SY, a 7 year-old frame, operated Sun Country’s daily flight from Minneapolis, under the callsign “Sun Country 657”.

Photo Six: One of the many Frontier A320 liveries we have in Infinite Flight is the “Alberta and Clipper” tail, and with me finally re-seeing it after not seeing it after nearly 10 months is always a treat. These old-liveried Frontier A320s are rare, and I’m glad to say I’ve caught all but one of them before. “Alberta and Clipper” have been adorning the tail of N206FR for 11 years, and operated “Frontier Flight 263” from @Altaria55’s second house, Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport.

Photo Seven: After Alaska swapped out one of their only 737-900s without winglets for just a regular one and the UNCF livery (that was visiting this day) did a runway swap on me that resulted in me having no picture of it, I was glad to see that the old-liveried 737-800 from Portland remained the same. Alaska no longer has any old-liveried 737-900s, and only a handful of 737-800s remain in the old colors. I was glad to see one, after only having a very backlit and hazy shot of an old-liveried 737-900 from last year. N528AS, a 12 year-old frame, only recently came out of storage in Oklahoma City (it came out of storage on August the 29th), popped by from Portland as “Alaska 620”

Photo Eight: One huge uncertainty that came out of current events was if BA was ever going to return to DEN. They kept pushing it back and back and back, with no end of pushing back in sight. Thankfully, BA decided to start services back to London, but instead of daily, only thrice weekly. Despite the 747-400 being the last BA aircraft here in March of 2020, this was BA’s third flight back to Denver, operated by their majestic 777-200ER, which used to operate the LHR-DEN corridor until around 2014. G-VIIK, which also operated the second flight back to Denver, was today’s spot, being 23 years old and arriving timely from London under the callsign “Speedbird 219 Heavy”. I would rank this as the main catch of the day if the two aircraft below did not show up.

Photo Nine: Of course, a Canyon Blue is always needed in one of my topics, but today’s example is a special one. Spotting a plane that you’ve also flown on is also always a treat, and the two combine to make a nice shot. N7740A is actually the first plane I flew on this year, and my first flight since 2018. It is fitted with part of a Heart livery engine cowling on the left side, but other than that, it’s still Canyon Blue. N7740A is 14 years old, and was operating “Southwest 2380” from Dallas-Love. @DeerCrusher should like the gate they parked at. 👀

Photo Ten: Hey look, another plane I’ve flown on this year! Of course, Southwest usually swaps around aircraft on flights so N7740A was a nice surprise, but coordinating to see another plane you’ve flown on before is also quite nice. Unfortunately, Frontier’s A319 schedule terminates in a few days, so this is most likely my last shot of N949FR, unless if there’s another reason for N949FR to stick around. Of course, no longer seeing a plane that’s been around longer than you’ve been there (Frontier started A319 service in 2001) is quite sad, but now knowing that I made plenty of memories on this plane not just in the past, but recently too, is always comforting. Good old N949FR, named “Erma the Ermine”, will seemingly only operate a couple of days more for Frontier, and will hopefully find a new home sometime soon. “Erma” is 15 years old, and operated “Frontier Flight 166” from Jackson Hole in Wyoming. I also flew on this plane back in June, as the return from my flight on N7740A.

That about wraps up today’s topic, and I hope you enjoyed this spotting adventure with me. I may make a part two, but that depends if I really want to. That’s all from me and I’ll see you in the next topic!

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Those are some really clean pictures you got!

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What do you mean by that 🤨

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Thank you!

I just feel like you are always there, kinda like @Kamryn is at LAS all the time, get the picture?


Ah, got it. Thought you meant the city itself… but mostly I hang out at AFW and NFW.

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Nah, no shots of N933NK from me

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Nice pics! What camera do you use?

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Poor Erma 😔. Also love the photos again!!!

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Thank you! I use a Nikon D40X with a Nikon 70-300mm f.4.5/5.6G VR AF-S lens. It’s an older camera, but with a bunch of help from @AndrewWu, I’ve been able to optimize it pretty well.

Thank you! It’s unfortunate, but I’m glad I have a lot of memories.

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