Off-duty pilot lands Jet2 plane due to unwell pilot


Yesterday this happened on a flight manchester-funchal. It was lucky that a pilot was on the passage. Pilots are always ready to flight a plane :)

But I suppose that the FO could have landed the airplane alone, isn’t it?


Yes, the FO could have landed the plane, but it was best that a actual captain landed it. Very nice job by that pilot to step in and help that flight…

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Definitely not, the FO is just as qualified, all the same training. I’d imagine the article is slightly exaggerating it, and this would be similar to what happened on a united flight this side of the pond a few years ago now, the Captain had a heart attack I believe, and an off duty B-1 lancer pilot came in to help with radios and such since these planes really are designed to have two people up there, so I assume this pilot was the pilot monitoring/helping while the FO actually did the flying…


Yes, very true, the FO could have very well landed the flight no doubt about it…

Honestly eaven if there had not been another pilot the FO could have managed, as I said these planes are designed to have two pilots, and so a second set of hands helps, but many airliners have landed one pilot before…


Yes, I read about this before.

One pilot can land the plane. Mentour has a video on pilot incapacitation.
In this case it is luckier because an actual pilot went into the cockpit instead of a flight attendant.

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I supposed it could have landed. But I suppose that this would be a lot more stressing being alone that instead of having another pair of eyes, hands and ears helping there

A flight attendant would be asked to read checklists. Mentour has a video on this.


Nice job for the off duty pilot to land.

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