Off and On reconnecting

Sorry for being a pest about this but are the live servers down again? After restarting the app it still won’t let me in.

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Won’t let me in either it will take Patience for it to get back up

Haha true that. I’ve been waiting for about 20 minutes now.

Yes. They have been going off and on due to sonething with the update release.

I’ve been waiting for 3 hours

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This thread here is being updated with the issues.

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Oh man I’m sorry. So you never got into the server after the update?

I would recommened waiting till tomorrow or even the day after once everything from the update release settles down and gets fixed :) .

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I was thinking the same thing. Might wait a couple of days for all the bugs to get fixed.

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Everything is being hammered. Give the developers a little time to iron out these growing pains. 🙂