[Off Air] YouTube Flight Pocket Aviation | @KSEA - 272155DEC17

Server: Training

Airport: KSEA

Time: 2155Z

Hello Everyone,

Today, I have decided to restart my YouTube Channel as I have not been very active in the past 9 months. So, I will be flying a nice 2 hour flight over to KLAX as my first video, and I wanted to get you guys involved. Spawn in around gate D9 (as that is the gate I am using) in any short haul delta plane (nothing above a 757). Copy my flight plan and I will see you at LAX. This is a very informal flight so feel free to join me! I am mimicking the real world flight, so you will see me in a 717-200. Hopefully, if the footage is good enough, the video will make its way over to you tube!


Important Information

My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8FJIi_32KXaon34hDsNCiQ
Real Flight: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL1380
Sky Vector Plan: https://skyvector.com/api/navlog?87325

Photos of Flight Plan/ Fuel:


More information about the flight coming soon!


I will definitely come along!!

Do you want ATC otherwise I can just fly

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Great! See you there!

I’ll be coming ! Isn’t this today?

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I’ll come but I may have to divert to another airport.

Correct it is today @MrAlaska! See you there @Lucas_Piedra. I will be posting the flight plan and fuel at a later time!


Okay, super! Would it be too much to ask if you can convert the time to PST for me? It would be muchly appreciated. ;)

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No problem it is 1:55 PM PST

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Thanks so much! Can’t wait, I’ll be there :)

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Glad to have you! See you there!

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What to
I’m is this for GMT.

And if I can come can I record for my channel?

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Less than two hours away!

I’ll be there at D8. See ya

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Rodger that! See you there!

I spawned in at D7 without knowing about this. Gotta fly outta D-7 at KSEA in real life now!

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The flight plan and fuel is up. Please reference it throughout the flight!

I will be spawning in in 10 minutes

I’ll be there, I’ll take D6, assuming nobody else jumps on there before me!

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I’ll join this I hope to see you guys there

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Remember Everyone this is TS1