OEJN - VIDP - OEDF / B789 (Saudia)

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is the home where I was born & brought up! Hence, the Saudi Arabian Airlines hold a special place in my heart, as I always used to visit my home country - India; in this gorgeous livery… So, I present you the SAUDIA, which is probably one of the most less used livery in Infinite Flight…!!

This flight was flown yesterday from Jeddah 🇸🇦 to Delhi 🇮🇳 & back to Dammam 🇸🇦 in this magnificent Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Flight Information

Flight time: 10 hours approx
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*These photos may not be in any particular order or so!

Getting it ready for a long journey @ OEJN…

Windy Take-off!!

Rotating & sunset effect on the body 😍

Landing @ VIDP…

Have you ever noticed, Saudia is the INVERTED livery of the United Airlines… Agree??

Since, now in Delhi; a snap with sibling B789 - Air India Livery… Coz why not!

Heading back towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

On top of Dammam Corniche @ FL200

Back to Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

The Arabian Desert, Sunset ♥️



Thank you, much love & peace ✌️♥️


Awesome pictures!

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Beautiful picture guy
Great Job !

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Great pictures

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Quality content as always !!

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Creat shots buddy. RIP center line 😂

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Thank you everyone!! @EpicLegend29 @Captain_74gear @Henry @Baba @Raveesh


Nice pictures & Nice Flight 👋🏼✈️

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Thank you @Aws_Alfarsi

I’ll never look at them the same again…
Amazing shots!

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Thanks mate!! @Rolls

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