OEJN problem

? Omg! Why infinite flight oejn has missed a lot of parking space and a terminal? Hope that it will be fix.

OEJN in real life,

Hey there!

This would be a job for Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team (IFAET)! I think @Claudio can explain since he’s in IFAET!

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OK thanks bro

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This is what I know. IFAET does not take direct airport requests. Hopefully, they will get around to it and it will be released in the next update.

So, what I am saying is that IFAET does not take features requests for airports. Rather, they get around to it when they do.

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OK thanks for your tip

I think that because half the terminal it’s closed in real life


OK it maybe true😅

Alright I have no clue why half the terminal is non existent, but the airport was reworked some weeks ago, so I think the rest of the terminal spawns will arrive in the next update.

Edit: Nope, not all of them.
There will be spawns at the top of the terminal tho

But there are no gate markings on any of the gates on the left terminal. That’s all.


OK thank-you

Solved. :)