OEJN-HKJK in the Saudia B77W

Hello users of the IFC! Today was the Jeddah fly out event, so I joined it and not only flew to wonderful mountains but also flew to central Africa for the first time!
On inbound I flew past the Mount Kenya Massive, it’s the biggest mountain in Kenya with a height of 5199 meters or 17057 feet. Near that I came across some mountain looking like a volcano. I couldn’t find it on a map but it was near the Mount Kenya Massive. About 2 hours before landing in Nairobi I flew over the Red Sea, then over the Sahara. Here the sand was either flat and then there were a lot of mountains. The Arabic and African landscape a very interesting in my opinion because I don’t fly a lot in that region.
Now, let’s go on to the photos!

Becoming airborne with a nice smooth takeoff from Jeddah

Here is the Red Sea, a very big sea between Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea

Welcome to Africa

The shape of the mountain near me is pretty interesting

Here is the Mount Kenya Massive

This is the volcano mountain I talked about

Very off centerline and very off touchdown zone landing in Nairobi

Arrival at gate, de boarding of passengers and their cargo

Flight Infos

Server: Expert
Call sign: Saudia 416
Aircraft: Boeing B777-300ER
Flight duration: About 3 hours
Time: from 1400Z to 1700Z

Special thanks to @Saudia_Virtual for the event!

Thank you for reading this goodbye!


Nice route!

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These are nice pictures, but the one shown below has part of the UI, which is forbidden. You might want to take a look at the Screenshots and Videos Topic Guidelines, linked here. The part of the UI shown Is the box around other players, in the top left corner of the screen.