Odyssey Airlines

Who or what is Odyssey Airlines?


Odyssey Airlines is a future airline based in and from London City. It is headquartered at Spital Square in London.

As you can already tell from them having their base at London City airport, they are aiming for business passengers.

They are planning on commencing service in late 2020 or early 2021.

They want to fly routes like London City - New York, and routes in general with high business demand.


They will start operations with A220-100, which they ordered 10 of. Instead of 100-140 passengers, they will fit the cabin with a 40 all business class configuration, which will revive the London City to New York, formerly operated by BA and their A318 with a stop in Shannon. Because they have the brand-new and efficient A220 they now can easily fly the route nonstop, and that would be even possible if they flew with a normal configuration.

In my opinion, it’s really interesting to see a new airline commencing operations, especially in those times! I am looking forward to seeing them succeed, and I think with the A220 being their workhorse, they have a good chance!

I hope I could tell you something new about Odyssey Airlines!

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London to New York in an A220-100? 🤨


Risky. BA pulled out as they wasnt enough demand so why would anyone go with a brand new start up. Nothing against them though and i hope they do well

Edit - Shannon was a good stop as everyone could pre clear US immigration and act as domestic pax


All Business Class though! The A220 would make this stretch even with a normal configuration!

The aircraft would only have a third of the normal number of seats


Im sorry the A220 Transatlantic? No. This is not a good idea. I thought flying the MAX and NEO across was small enough…


Also it only shows how long it could fly. The comfort doesn’t differ from the A321XLR though! It’s as comfortable or even more than that! Look at the cabin and the bathrooms! The only difference is the Business Class, as it doesn’t have flat bed seats

Any idea how many A220s they would have?


So far atleast

Okay, you take your A220 and I’'ll take a 777 any day!

So i doubt all will be based out of City unless most are out at the same time. As they wont be enought with CityFlyer, themselves and others

Personally I’d be interested in AT LEAST trying a small aircraft involved in trans-atlantic flight

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I’ve never said, that I prefer this aircraft over a bigger one on long hauls! I am just saying that it’s capable of, and well fitted! Also I would actually prefer a all business class A220 over economy in a B777

Aviation Safety Officials have tested the aircraft and say they are safe enough, and its a good size aircraft for this business travelers route out of City Airport.

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I’m sorry but I don’t know if you’d ever get me on that plane transatlantic. I’m all for believing in the safety of air travel, but the line has to be drawn somewhere… And here I thought the baby bus making that jump was a stretch…

Same here! If you don’t want to use the A220 you can either wait for the XLR or take one of the LRs or NEOs doing hops across the pond already

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I kinda believe there is a difference between “safe” and ”safe enough”… 😂

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Hm I don’t see the problem. It’s fitted with a similar configuration as the A318, meaning all business class, but is more modern and more eco friendly

It’s literally rated with a 180 minutes Etops, meaning it can fly a minimum of 3 hours with one engine. So it has the same rating as any other airliner flying across the pond

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The ETOPS rating says that it can safely divert to any airport suitable less than 3 hours away, which is a good time for the Atlantic.