Ode to the 767


My earlier raves for the 757 notwithstanding, if given the choice, I’ll always pick the “seven six” over its smaller sister. The 767s at my carrier are, on average, newer than the 757s, which means the cockpits are cleaner (the filthiness of airliner cockpits is a subject for another time). They’re also roomier and, due to a differently designed recirculation fan, much quieter. (Funny how it’s the ergonomics and creature comforts that mean so much. You probably expected me to say something about speed or engine thrust.) Plus the plane is, well, bigger , and there’s that pilot ego thing. Flying in the U.S. I get to say, “heavy” after our radio call sign, which brings out the little kid in me.

Love this article. 😀


I love this ode as well. The 767 is amazing.😃


I just read the article by chance looking for something else and thought about posting it but I did a search for the title and voila it was already here :)

Makes wish the 757/767 rework will come before the airlines retire them all


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