Ode to Boeing 757

Right now the 757 rework has been announced and we are ready for this for the new amount amid liveries and fixed most of the problems the old 757 has and so on I took one of the last long haul 757 flights around northwest airlines and I know it’s does AMS-DTW But I wanted to push forward to MSP instead


Flight time: 9:00
Boeing 757-200

Meanwhile at night

Taken off shortly and still a rocket

Leaving The Netherlands and towards England to pass headwinds which slow us down :l

Atlantic moonshot

Started the approach to Minneapolis 6-8 hours later

Landed better at the MSP With only 20 minutes of fuel remaining

Have you flown long-medium haul in the 757 before

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Oooh these are very nice. One of the shots to me made it look like a -300 hahah


I’ll if Cabo Verde or LaCompagnie one get added !

Btw, I really love these shots !!! 🔥🔥
You did that bro,

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I flown from Keflavík to Toronto. Horrible experience :)

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@CPT_Colorado I would love the -300 to come

@LKA Basically one of the 3 liveries (Aer lingus, TUI) I REALLY WANT since cape verde isnt even feature in ANYTHING

@IF-Mallorca Sorry about your pain I mean what happened anyway