Odds of helicopters making it to the sim, would people use them?

Just wanted to know peoples opinions, maybe pros and cons of adding helicopters to infinite flight. Is it even possible at this time? This is not a feature to vote on, just a topic to discuss the possibility. Which ones would you like to see if so?


I’m no developer, but it seems incredibly complicated. The physics would be hard to perfect as it would be entirely different from anything else in the sim. They don’t look to close on the horizon imo.


Probably are no where near ready to come. But I can say they have been around in other sims and even older ones no longer on the store. They weren’t to bad.

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Let’s be honest here…

ANYTHING is possible

There’s probably a better chance that we will see a hot air balloon make it into the simulator before we see a helicopter

Go vote on this topic and maybe it will make the devs think about it (probably not though)…


It’s a nice idea. However, it would be far complex and would take lots of time! Personally, if they were to add something big into the game I would say 3D buildings.


Hot air balloons. Omg. Imagine the frustration with controllers. Lmao. And pilots trying to land.


Hot air balloons would be brilliant lol! I can picture scenes from the Top Gear with hot air balloons being recreated in IF.


Hot air balloons, reminds me of FSX on steam


That’s for a whole different convo… Meet me in the PM for more ;)

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All I can think of with hot air balloons is FSX Steam Edition (Airforceproud95) 🤣


That’s exactly what I was thinking. Lol


But I will say as to my topic, I just want to fly a 53 or ch60 SOOO badly. Maybe hover over some water… do some low levels. Aaggghhhh

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I remember 2 years ago Laura saying on the IF Facebook page in the comments that helicopters were something they would like to addin the future. That was two years ago so not sure where that feature stands in FDS’ list of things to do (probably really low now)


Yeah I think people would use them. There’s a lot of possibilities (such as search and rescue, commercial, private, etc.). Definitely not as much as the airplanes but I think they would have some popularity.

I totally think it’s possible if the devs really want to pursue it. Here’s my rationale.

The flight model will undoubtedly be challenging to develop but not impossible. We have a real world helicopter pilot in the community whose also an awesome dude and I’m sure would be glad to advise FDS in such an endeavor. @speedbird203 was featured in one of our flight casts and has flown a plethora of fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

I do not agree that helicopters aren’t possible because of ATC issues or trolls. In real life ATC handles rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft flying in the same airspace. It’s doable.

As for the trolls, ghost em. If they’re in a helicopter they’ll fly slower than an airplane so they’re an easier target to ghost ;)



I think it would bring a lot of excitement and new joins to the sim. It would be cool flying over a chopper in a Cessna. Or doing touch and goes with helicopters as well

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And I can’t imagine the programming being to complicated… I’m not a programmer though… lol. With the complexity of this sim already, idk.

I totally would fly them! I would love to see the Bell 212/Bell 412 series added to the game!


Agreed. I’d love to just fly around mountains and explore them closely rather then passing them at FL340 going Mach .80

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I personally wouldn’t fly them as I know I would be a target for someone flying a plane.