Oddly positioned pylons at Dublin

There is not enough space here for a wide body to taxi past if there are aircraft parked at the gates


Max wingspan is 36m there if I’m correct.

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Looking at the satellite imagery the lights are placed like this in real life so they are correctly placed as probably there are no widebody aircrafts taxiing there in real life.


Hi, just checked on google maps and if I got the location right there indeed seems to be a light pole there. Could be just a shadow for all we know, but then where would the light for the shadow come if there’s no light poles.

(Also as KJKLM281 pointed out there indeed seems to be a wingspan limitation there, as seen a bit to the left of center of the screenshot)


Yep, there is a warning IRL



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Hey, @danielsun36!

In addition to all the replies above, the biggest aircraft that those gates can accommodate is the B752. As a result, there is enough room to safely taxi between other aircraft, the light poles, and any other object(s) in the vicinity.

Furthermore, only select gates from that side of the terminal can handle the B752. These are:

• 200C
• 201
• 202
• 203C
• 203L
• 203R

In short, large aircraft (36M or more in wingspan) are not supposed to taxi in this area, hence the placement of the light poles, which are correct. You, your passengers, and your aircraft will be safe. 😁

This is because no heavies park in the real world in the 200 gates and in the southern 100 gates (Ryanairs gates)… as said above its a max wingspan of 36m


Hey mate, the area you are referring to is Terminal 1 at Dublin. No widebodies park on apron 2. This is the reason widebodies cannot fit thorough 😄😄

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Fair enough! I didn’t know any of the above, just thought it looked too close, may have been misplaced by the 3D editing team.