Oddities: Bug or Me?

I’m not sure how to classify this because my question is really about whether I’m experiencing a bug or if I’m doing something wrong, so I’m putting it in General to start. After piloting in IF for a couple of months now, I’ve noticed some odd behaviors in the sim itself (though I’ve seen plenty of odd behavior from pilots, too). Has anyone else experienced the following?

(1) establish a flight plan from WPT to WPT and plot it out between airports, get underway and follow the route, then find that at some point along the way, all the calculations go hinky. The ETE time starts counting up instead of down, the time/distance to destination begin going up instead of down, and so on. So instead of being able to use these as guideposts to determine when to begin descent, lower my speed, and so on, I have to try to manually figure the distances “on the fly” (so to speak – groan).

(2) while on taxiways, instead of seeing other planes, I see just the callsign and a white dashed-line box, making it hard to know how far apart to space my plane and much less interesting/realistic to view. Am I missing something in settings? What’s odd is that I see some planes as fully rendered while others get the bizarre hidden treatment. Are you supposed to see other planes rendered in the air as well or just the boxes/callsigns?

(3) can you have runway incursions in IF? Because I’ve had a couple of instances on the playground where planes have gone right THROUGH mine. I was on the taxiway or even parked at a gate when a plane has actually pulled up and sort of morphed its nose into mine so that it was partially swallowed by my plane. I was in the midst of flight planning when I saw it beneath the map overlay and was so dumbstruck I stopped and snapped a shot of it (see below). So I guess the question isn’t “can you” but more “should you” have runway incursions (I think it’s clear you can).


I’m still blown away by the incredible realism of IF and slowly gaining XP, though I have to play on LTE on my phone mainly as I can almost never get a green fan on my iPad. I’m still not sure whether it’s my wifi, crappy DSL or another problem, but it’s much harder to play (even on a 6+).


Hi, I can only confirm the 3rd point, though not by myself, but because of the Fun Infinite Flight Live Photos (or something) that is around the forum.

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  1. this happens because you strayed too far from the flight plan route. It calculates the distance/time using the lines between the waypoints you selected, and you have to pass right through the waypoint for it to switch to the next leg. If you make a turn too early, it will not automatically switch to the next leg, thus the simulator thinks you are going off course and increases its estimated time. If this happens, you must manually switch the active leg by opening the map, holding down on the “map” button in the bottom right corner and slide up to “map+fpl”. Select the leg you’re on and click the “act leg” button and the calculations should be accurate again.

  2. you should see the actual planes if they are close enough. If you’re just seeing boxes this could be because your “live plane count” is too low. You can raise this in your live settings. Also, your internet may be slow and it takes longer for the planes to load in.

  3. unfortunately there is nothing you can do about this on playground/free flight, these servers are filled with noobs/trolls. On advanced, behavior like this should result in “ghosting” by the ATC.


And just to ad to @SirMS last point, if someone deliberately drives through you whilst on the ground, cuts you off on a taxi way etc, there is a Report User button on the Flight Plan map page. If a user gets 3 reports in one session then they will be ghosted for their bade behaviour.

Welcome to IF its a fun place to be, Happy Landings.

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