Odd violations

For future reference:
No, it should not. This is a question regarding what could have caused it, not an issue that requires troubleshooting.


You could’ve encountered turbulence during your flight so M86 could’ve gone upto 88 so violation perhaps?

Heavies have a speed limit of M0.90 (when the violation triggers); and I thought winds only increase GS not IAS.

Turbulence drastically changes your airspeed in a short time. I’m taking about those winds not the Jetstreams

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It does, but if it’s a quick change it also changes airspeed for a few seconds.
Try it on solo. You put headwind and then pause it and change to no wind.
I would do it on autopilot to get the same effect as what I think might have happened.

So isn’t there any way to deal with this? Because I’m sure the autopilot would try and slow the plane as fast as possible.

I agree turbulence can have really dramatic effects.
Although there have been people complaining about rapid loss of wind so I think that one or even both things could have happened.

I don’t remember having this issue although some people did have it.
The only thing I could think of is slowing down.
(Other people know better so this might not be the problem)

Not possible. Change in the winds affect your ground speed and not mach number

If only there was a place to see violations? There can be, if I can count on your vote.


Would be cool if you had a option to go back and see the parts where you got a violation in a recording. And when you saw it and don’t need it anymore you can delete the recording.

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Try doing what I said earlier on with solo. I just tried and it worked.
That obviously only happens if wind instantly goes from 100 to 0 kts.

I experienced this exact issue and I ended up being demoted from Grade 3 to 2 for a week. Didn’t know what it was nor do I know to this day however reading that you were cruising at mach .86 kinda stood out to me because my usual cruise speed is between mach .82 - .84 so it may have been that you were flying into a strong headwind (hence why u needed more thrust) then it had calmed down and your aircraft began to pick up speed rapidly. When I fly at mach .81 I usually don’t exceed 535 GS so it may have been a speed violation but then again doesn’t really explain why you got 6 violations.

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That seems rare however possible. For example, if you do a 360 when going against a 130knots headwind that turns into a tailwind. However the chances are very slim.

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No no I mean if it glitches. Like I said some people have already reported this. Apparently a guy was landing and the wind kept going from 0 to whatever speed back to 0 …
Anyway this seem to be turning into a debate so I’ll stop with my theory.

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Looking back at screenshots of the flight, I don’t think I even surpassed 500kts gs

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The bottom line is you should not be flying on AP so close to the limit. You are asking for trouble while you sleep.

Always give yourself a buffer.


I’ve been flying at M85 for ages on almost all planes and I’ve never had any issues with violations like the OP mentioned.

So, M85 is a good place to start.

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Lots of good guesses and “maybees”…bottom line, if ya get a violation the game should be able to provide an explanation as a learning experience. Vote yes.

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