Odd times to play

Sitting in the hospital right now with a broken leg after being hit by a semi…and what am I still doing? Playing infinite flight 😂😂👍🏼 You can tell you love this sim when you play it no matter what!!
What are some of your odd times when you parents or spouse may look at like you are insane(and no this is not an IFPM hosted question this is just me asking a question)


Geez, You got hit by a Semi? Are you okay otherwise?


Yeah I was biking and went across the intersection to the curb (all legal) and a semi decided to buzz through the red light and clipped me with his back end.
Other then that I’m fine (three broken bones)


Why are you biking in the dark?

Hope you feel better. :)

To answer your question, I don’t think I’ve ever played IF at an odd time before. I think playing it before school is the only odd occasion.


Never sneaked a flight under the desk ;)?


It wasn’t dark. It was 5 in the afternoon. Does get dark in Colorado where I live till bout 7

Here’s to a speedy recovery. :)

I’ve played IF at work before, testing out AutoNAV. :p


Nope. My teachers are super strict regarding the iPad usage policy. I would get in serious trouble for playing any non-academic apps during school hours plus I would look really obvious.


I know lol I’m not allowed to either I was just teasing ;)

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Lucky lucky lucky dam lucky

You make it sound so easy! At least you don’t have an adult over your shoulder watching your every move.

Hope you feel better soon!


Thank you captain :) I’m doing a flight for big bear I think tonight. I only have time…nothing else to do with a pain ridden leg and needles sticking out my arm


Wow, remember to do the kerb drill in the future with lots of reflecting plates on your bicycle before cycling on the road.

Get well soon


I had lights and a reflective jacket on. Oh yeh and the semi didn’t even know he’d hit me so he just kept going and left me in the intersection…talk about embaressing

Did you practice the kerb drill? You are on a bicycle so you travel alot faster than walking on foot. You gotta check more thoroughly.

Its lucky you could post this here. Some dont even have the chance to say bye.


I’m aware of my luck noble friend ;) I was in complete legal approval. The truck driver just decided to blow a red lighting. Nothing I could do about it

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So when are they gonna set your bone? (We’ll see if you will be able to play IF after the anesthesia lol) Get well soon!


I have no idea lol.