Odd TBM930 taxi behavior

Odd TBM930 taxi behavior at TFFF. Set power to 10%, release brake, and apply right rudder. Plane turns left and goes backwards. Apply brake to stop. Apply left rudder, and the plane turns right. I have video of this behavior, but can’t figure out how to attach it to this post.

  • Robert Summers

I’ve expirenced this when winds above a certain speed exist. It’s possible that the winds are pushing the aircraft in a reverse motion. What were the wind speeds if you recall?

As for the video, you can upload the video you have to YouTube as an unlisted video if you’re able and we’ll gladly take a look. Thanks!


If you want to show us the video, one thing you can do is put the video into Google Drive and give us the share-link for the video.
Also, have you tried any other G/A airplanes (Cessna 172, etc.) at that airport?

I don’t recall the wind speeds when I reported this a couple of hours ago, but I tried it again just now and they are gusting up to 32 kts. The plane rotated in the correct direction when I tried again just now. I think you must be right about the wind causing this. I’ve posted the video anyway as you suggested, at https://youtu.be/xUPDBsXxOE0.

Many thanks.

I’ve posted the video at https://youtu.be/xUPDBsXxOE0. I tried it again just now (2 hours later) with the Cessna 172, and it rotated correctly. I also tried again just now with the TBM930, and it also rotates correctly now. DeerCrusher suggested it may have been the wind (gusting now to 32kts), and I think he must be right. Thanks for your help.

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That IS really odd. Had a weird physics moment like that in the SR22. I was climbing up and over flight level 420 and still was going strong at a VS of 2000. Just one of those things I guess. The devs will fix it I’m sure.

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