Odd spot of wind

I didn’t check the weather radar yet, but I was in decent to myrtle beach airport, all was good, winds at 33 knots, and in the blink of an eye my plane starts yawing left and right, I looked and there was a 103 knot headwind. This happened really quick idk why lol


Seems like a glitch - as the winds are at that strength at FL340 - what altitude did this happen at?

Maybe it was a building cloud that caused high turbulence. It could also be a glitch though.

Fl230 ish (limit)

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Most likely turbulence I guess, once irl I was on a e190, we were descending, entered a small cloud and my phone literally fell off my lap it was so bad. Find it so cool how clouds carry so much energy. It would be cool clouds were added to be in their real life positions, not accurately but get the info from something like weatherbugs cloud map thing

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