Odd persistent blue hue on Galaxy J7? (ISSUE RESOLVED ITSELF)

So I’m flying out of KSFO on a new phone flying the KLM 787-10. And whatever I do to change it, this blue hue stays. I don’t know if it has something to do with the fact that I was downloading many other places at the time, but it’s annoying considering I adore IF. Thanks for the help!
Software: Android 7.0 Samsung Experience 8.1 and Device: Galaxy J7 2017 (recently bought)

EDIT: Never mind, the issue resolved itself :) Thanks for the help

Software and device would help to solve the issue. :)

Edit: Saw the device. Is this the newer models? Also software still needed.

Do you have a photo or screenshot?

Not anymore, but it looked something like flying through a blue fog around the aircraft, which was near impossible to see.

OP requested closure.