Odd Beacon placement on the Boeing 717

I think work needs to be done on graphics for this plane as the beacon is in the wrong place and needs reworks done on Cessna 172 Skyhawk


Thats a mighty large Cessna 172


That’s a Boeing 717…


Not even a Cessna… regardless, FDS will get around to reworking all current aircraft in the game.

I will agree, though that this does need a rework.

This is more will be improved upon as updates come out!

Credit Boeing Images

The beacon light is in the correct place, as it is not centered.

I do agree that this plane could use a rework and hopefully it will come in the future. :)


I know the next story in Funniest stories of non-avgeeks.

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Yip my mistake there lol 😂😂.
I went back onto live game and was saying that was what I used last and use are all right I look like a tattie there sorry guy well spotted

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Not an issue.