Odd ATC behaviour at EDDT Berlin

Connecting as ATC at EDDT I noticed two things ; one that there is no METAR displayed, it just says “unavailable” and two that EDDT is not marked as having ATC on the status screen. Other than that from my viewpoint it seems to work normally

Any other airport without incoming traffic works fine, it displays as Tower / Ground on status with zero incoming flights.

Some people who were expecting me there have had problems seeing me on connecting as pilots.

I have tried several times on more than one day, rebooted and reset and power cycled the iPad, and cleared the scenery cache to no avail.

Is this just me or does anyone else have a problem with EDDT, if so do I need a reinstall ?

EDDT is Berlin Tegel - which has been closed.

That has nothing to do with the ATC frequencies, there are still 23 frequencies for IFATC controllers and 21 for training server.

The same happens to Kai Tak. As they’re inactive airports in the real world, they don’t appear in the ATC table, I think.

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As for your inquiry about the METAR, the airport’s weather station has been deactivated due to the closure of the airport, meaning that it would be unavailable on the METAR screen.

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Thanks everyone…. That makes sense

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