Odd aircraft flying in Infinite Flight Skies

Hello. I was just on LiveFlight flight tracker when I noticed this strange aircraft overflying Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Here are the pictures.

I spawned in the game immediately and flew up to the aircraft. It was invisible on my screen.
When I looked at his information it showed this person’s aircraft type as “Unknown”.image
I then went back onto LiveFlight and I noticed it said this. The aircraft type was a “Avro Canada VZ-9 avrocar”. This is a VTOL aircraft. If anyone can give me information as to why this was flying on infinite flight, then that would be awesome. Such a weird occurrence.


These aircraft are aircraft that dont render in Liveflight or IF ;).
Usually a new livery or aircraft, it is a beta tester testing the upcoming MD-11-DC-10-KC-10 Update ;)

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This is a beta tester testing an aircraft that has not been released. The strange aircraft shown on LF is just covering up.

That is most likely a tester. They are not allowed to show what aircraft they are flying. Most likely a MD-11 or DC-10 tester.

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Thanks for the help! I appreciate it. :)

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