Oda's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @EGCC

Hello Everyone and welcome to my ATC tracking thread! I hope to see you all at some point in game.
Replying to all feedback.
Ill be opening airports so everybody can come and fly patterns and enjoy themselves.
Have a lovely day.

Session: Training
Airport ICAO: EGCC
Departure Runways 23R
Arrival Runway 23R
Patternwork 23L

Status - CLOSED

Please send feedback with your callsign, Thanks!

This ATC Tracking Thread is hosted by @oda


I’d love a tag to fly the next sesh if you’d like :)

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Sure! Id love to see you there.

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Tag next time

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Thank you to everyone who came, any feedback would be great!

Now open again at Denver!

Gonna be on for around an hour at the beautiful 3D Jersey airport.

feedback from LY-GHT:

  • no issues on inbound and first patterns
  • after landing I said ready to taxi, but got taxi to parking instead of taxi to rwy26
  • as I requested “remaining in the pattern” I didn’t need the pattern entires
  • “make right traffic” wasn’t needed as I got it in the TO clearance
    overall I would say give clearances a lot earlier - around midfield or earlier
    Keep it up! : )

Thanks for the feedback

ill make sure to do clearances a lot earlier as I wasnt quite sure when to do them - nice to know now when I should do them.

no worries! a lot of the time you can clear pretty much straight after sequencing, which definitely makes it easier when you have 6-7 planes doing patterns

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Open for around an hour at mexico city, come do some pattern work!

Closed? Did I miss you

Just missed me!

Ill be open again in around an hour and a half for an hour or so somewhere else - something came up.

No problem, I’ll try to make it next time

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