October Hotfix Brings New ATC Commands!

As you may have noticed, a new Hotfix is rolling out to optimize performance for iPhone 7 users which comes with a few other goodies!

Along with the beautiful new Infinite Flight 2016 livery, you’ll also notice that some new commands have been added to our ATC menus. Below you’ll find a few simple, but much needed instructions available:

  • Approach & Center/Misc: “Aircraft is too large for destination airport”

  • All Facilities/Broadcast Message: “Attention all aircraft, runway change in progress”

  • “Please check help pages” now reads “Please check tutorials on the forum for assistance using ATC instruction”

  • Ground/Misc: “Please wait for clearance before crossing the runway”

  • Ground/Broadcast Message: “Attention all aircraft, please file a flight plan before requesting taxi”
    This is best used during peak times and FNF’s. During normal traffic conditions pilots will not be required to file a flight plan, although it is highly encouraged for better service.

  • All Radar/Misc: “Expect deviation from flight plan”

  • All Facilities/Correction, Standby: “Disregard last message”, which now allows you to send a correction or simply a disregard for a wrong button selection

  • All Facilities/Misc: “Please Expedite”, which can be used following any command you’d like them to expedite

Remember, you may experience issues using commands on those users(Android to iOS) that aren’t updated. Feel free to ask questions below. I hope to see these new commands make ATC more enjoyable for you!


Great post cant wait to test out the new commands

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Can’t wait to get it on iOS!


Now this is what I like to see. Thank you. :)


Can pilots use this, too, because they can also sometimes hit the wrong buttons?


Do you know how much it pains me to see 67 active flights on Expert, with only 42 flight plans filed?


I’ll make sure it’s added next time :)


Alright! Sounds good! 👍

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If I want to do some pattern work at peak times, will I still be required to file a FPL?
(I know I probably wouldn’t be allowed to do pattern work at busy times)

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Nope, just request to remain in the pattern. But as you said, during peak times it isn’t likely at your key airports.


If I know I’m going to do patten work, I make an FPL with only the airport that I’ll be performing patterns in.


Oh no. This means I will be forced to make one. My laziness on it will be lessened. Welp I better start working on it.

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As IFATC, we’ve been advised to use this command only when necessary (during FNFs, etc). We won’t go checking every aircraft if they have a flight plan before they depart - we don’t have the time for that.

Also, I would say a direct flight plan is sufficient. That doesn’t take too much effort, does it? ;)


BUT, it would be great if everyone filed a flight plan. Even a direct one as Henrik mentioned.

Yeah you be right. But I’m sooooooooo lazy. But I could make an effort to start making them. especially for the FNF.

Thanks Tyler! I’m glad “disregard last” was included… will be quite helpful!

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If you are too lazy to just click on your destination airport on the map and click ‘add’, I don’t know if I want you flying into my airport…


yeah I will start doing it. I just have to get used too it.

Getting into the habit of filing a plan will go a long way when global comes out. Filing a plan helps ATC know what needs opening and the volume. If you are going to stay in the pattern for a few and then depart, you can still file a plan and request for the pattern at takeoff.

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