October 2017 - A month to be remembered in the aviation world

This month has been very interesting. Mainly saddening, but there are a few good things.

  1. United 747 retires
  2. KLM Fokker retires
  3. Swiss Avro RJ retires
  4. Etihad ends SFO service
  5. AirBerlin ceases operations
  6. Monarch ceases operations
  7. Delta flies it’s last 747 US-Japan flight
  8. Last Etihad A340 flight

The good:

  1. Cathay Pacific A350 begins EWR/SFO service
  2. Delta A350 begins passenger service
  3. Qantas 787 delivery
  4. Southwest 737 MAX8 begins passenger service
  5. Hawaiian Airlines takes delivery of first A321NEO
  1. Cathay Pacific A350 begins EWR/SFO service

In fact, both of them are enroute to their destinations. EWR flight arrives around 1, I believe


PER gets its first A350 service from Cathay


Didn’t Finnair retire their A340 aircraft this month also?

Hold UP
Etihad Stopped service from SFO?
Quite stupid
Well everyone, Now choose your Favorite…

  • Fly with Qatar
  • Fly with emirates
  • Fly Swiss to Zurich then to Dubai

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Etihad flies to Abu Dhabi not Dubai, it’s logical to fly to Switzerland then get Etihad to Abu Dhabi, Qatar is banned and I’m not sure about the flight schedule between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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You forgot to put the last Etihad A340 service to the list ;)


i just checked their fleet today and they have some 600’s left and 500’s i believe
PS happy birthday

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And LATAM starts flights to YMML

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Why did ethihad end it’s sfo service

If you want to hear more on the last flight operations in the past days, too can go here:

Wasn’t this somewhere in the middle of August?

@RTG113 don’t forget about the retirement of the Brussels airlines avroliners.

you should add that United launched LAX-SIN with a 787-9 Dreamliner

October was a rough month to say the least

Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium ceased operations

I think this is the biggest thing to remember.

Let the 747 stay in remembrance


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