OCT 9 / 0400Z - First Over Night of WSSS-EGLL

  • Aircraft and Livery: B77W British Airways:

  • Route: WSSS-EGLL:

  • Departure: 2021-10-09T04:00:00Z Arrival: N/A:

  • Server: Expert Server:

  • Additional Information:
    Srry for posting this late but if anyone wants to join my first over night flight, it would mean a lot. The aircraft and livery shown above is the one that I will be using. Please spawn in 25 min- 15 min prior to take off. Take-off rwy will be 20R, and Landing rwy will be 27R. I will be spawning in on Gate D46. Please follow ES rules and you may copy my flight plan. I will answer any questions I can answer. Cruise Alt will be FL340-360ft

hey, i think that you mean OCT 9 since OCT 8 0400Z already passed, and also group flights have to be posted maximum 3 hours before departure.

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also, i would join but unfortunately landing time is like 3am in my timezone

Oh my. lol

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yeah lol, sorry

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i can fly but i gotta start like rn or ill be landing at 2am. you up for it?

srry I can not do that

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