Oceanic Tracks

Hey IFC! I had a question regarding oceanic tracks from EHAM-KBOS. Are there any oceanic tracks from Europe to the USA? Thanks!

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Current NAT tracks: Current Tracks - Gander Oceanic OCA

I guess IF doesn’t have any NAT tracks from Europe to America then.

What is this then? :)


Those run from America to Europe. I am talking about them running from Europe to America.

The ones from Europe to USA are available in the morning

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They are available right now go loook for yourself


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Oh that’s interesting

Does that happen irl?

Our tracks are the “real ones”. We pull data from a public API to publish them.
This is also why they’re sometimes not visible - they’re not published and/or have expired.

Most of the eastbound ones now have expired for example. Traffic eastbound over the Atlantic are usually quite low this time of the day. No one wants to land and their destination in the middle of the night.


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