Oceanic Tracks

Hey IFC! I am about to do a long haul from JFK-AMS and as some of you may know I keep my flights ultra realistic. Do irl flights use the oceanic tracks that are in IF or no? Also how long does this flight take? Thanks!


Yes, real world flights do use what is in IF since the tracks are reflected based on the real world configurations.


Ok thank you! Do you perhaps know the flight time from JFK-AMS?

It’s about 6-8 hours depending on what kind of winds are present and what mach you decide to cruise at

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Check this website out here. If it is a real world route, you should be able to see the total travel time.

Bonus, if the route is in North America, the flight plan may also be available

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If you are looking for Realistic IRL procedure, I recommende you to check the flight here:

The good news is you can Download the IRL Flight plan and convert it to IF fpl and enjoy your ultra realistic flights :)

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They mostly do as tracks allow for more efficiency traffic across the pond.
You may find the current NAT available using this FAA link.

If you want to make your flight realistic, make sure to verify the flight level associated to each track since they vary: regardless of your heading (westbound or eastbound), FL may be even or odd numbers).

Most realistic way of preparing your FPL is by using SimBrief (make sure to activate the oceanic track feature) and once you pasted your FPL to IF via FPLtoIF, replace corresponding waypoints by the actual track in IF map.



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