Oceanic tracks

I have a quick question. I noticed that Oceanic are one way and I’m trying to fly from EGLL to KMIA. Can I use Oceanic track Z? Oceanic track A is above track Z so using it doesn’t make sense.

You don’t have to use tracks when you’re flying if it doesn’t make sense to use them. Generally, flights from EGLL to KMIA take a more southern route


Hey mate,

The oceanic tracks represent the currently active oceanic tracks in real life. Depending on where the oceanic tracking letter is, this represents the direction of the oceanic track. For example, Oceanic track A goes from east to west and oceanic track Zulu goes from west to east.

I would strongly recommend using simbrief.com or fpltoif.com if you don’t already for flight plan. Both are great and make your flying experience so much more fun. Plus the FPL’s have the tracks built in when required.


Thank you very much!


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