Oceanic tracks


Why do the tracks disappear? Well I am flying right now and I noticed I only see one track crossing the atlantic even though there should be 2

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The tracks update normally to the real world track (pretty cool right) and they find the really world tracks that are the best ones

So they do “ disappear“ because that route is I longer as good as the outher ones


Okay so that means there may only be one track?

There could be more than 1 track, going in different directions, just pick one going roughly going to your destination
And that is the most efficient one

Yeah but do I only see one heading towards the US? I don’t see one for the opposite direction

In that case, use your own flight plan

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It depends. Sometimes you will have 1, or 2, or a lot. It all depends on the system to pick the best ones and establish them for 1 day (I don’t know the exact time length but IF said refreshed daily).

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Okay thank you!

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Thank you! 😊

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No problem 😃

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same problem, I really wanna use atlantic tracks and currently, track Y and Z have disappeared.

U can copy other peoples flight plans tho, for example Im departing from Boston and I see some planes coning from los angeles, when they took off they added the track so I can copy it into my fpl and edited as ai desire

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Tracks come and go, typically there are 5+ tracks in each direction. Because of Covid and no one really flying there only a couple. They are based of best winds for a giving direction, a combination of Gander Oceanic Control and Shanwick Control.


Like many have said, the tracks update regularly. You will typically see more tracks become available around 1800Zulu because starting then and really after that, most transatlantic back to Europe will begin.

However, there are some errors that the devs and beta testers are working through. They will be sending this data to NavBlue, the navigation data provider, to be corrected. (PS.: this is not one of them, I’m just letting you guys know)

Their basically changing wit the wind

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Hi to all!

I am fascinating with 20.1, yesterday I did my first flight and it was incredible applying all things to the flight.

I have a question, imagine that I want flight LEMD-KJFK using a oceanic track but them are too far to the nort from LEMD.

(Yesterday, tracks A and Z were too far to the north)

How it would be more realistic? Taking the track from the beginning or can I take it in a point more at my convenience?

Thanks and Good flights.


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If it is too far north I wouldn‘t do it from the beginning.

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This is for procedures, not oceanic tracks :)
In these cases, please send me a DM


The tracks are also mainly there for traffic… the separation of traffic. At certain times of the day there is a huge amount of aircraft crossing.

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Thanks a lot!

Pelayo VA.

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You don’t need to use a track, so if it isn’t fitting, you would generally try to avoid crossing a track (as that’s a somewhat complicated matter) and just find yourself the best way across the Atlantic.