Oceanic Tracks - Spacing and Altitude

Nice shot though!

Im sorry that came from this site: https://www.airlineroutemaps.com/maps/Air_New_Zealand/international then extracted from old Air New Zealand website.

So what I’m referring to is an one singular IFR Track for North America to Sydney and Auckland since the pacific is huge and has lots of ocean covered so makes sense to have both of these. And yes there’s no specific encompasses but would still would like to see a track of some kind come into place either way. You might not agree with that it should be on here cause has no encompasses and not realistic but what is realistic is putting an IFR route out there.

Also note that FAA isn’t the only aviation authority in the world, people tend to forget that and its important we don’t. Also other countries have their own aviation authorities and provide IFR charts.

Excuse my ignorance, but is https://www.airlineroutemaps.com/maps/Air_New_Zealand/international specifically an old Air New Zealand website; or, does the site in fact provide airline route maps for multiple airlines?

Furthermore, and with all due respect, I am still confused as to what your primary goal is by continuing on about a non-exist track.

Lastly, with my many years as a real-world pilot, I am very well aware there are numerous aviation authorities around the world. It is my sincere hope some of the information I provided to you regarding resources on where to find information pertaining to AUSOTS, PACOTS (with particular attention to PORC and CEP) were helpful.

I hope you have a wonderful evening!

Um I said extracted from Air New Zealand old Website.

Once they done that they’d placed on their site provide airline route map not only for them for multiple airlines as well. Lmao

Also I don’t need information of AUSOTS and PACOTS since they no relevance to what being discussed. Primary goal is to introduce an Australian and New Zealand track from Los Angeles area since lots of people fly from there and a lot of ocean as I already said. Also its an IFR Track not emcompased track, there nothing wrong in introducing it! Case Closed!

Also its rude to just barrage on and on about someones opinion, people are entitled to their opinions and allowed introduce new ideas. Stop trying to carry on about it!

Good night!