Oceanic tracks question

So I’m currently flying from KJFK to UKBB. I was just wondering, what if the oceanic track is inconvenient? For example, if I had used the oceanic track it would’ve added around 250 nm. What do you do?

I‘d include it in my fpl to add realism.

I was going to but it disappeared. Also, if they disappear, what do you do? Just make your own fpl?

What do you mean with disappear? You can just tap it and click on the +. Then it adds the oceanic track to your flightplan.

The oceanic track to europe literally isnt there

That‘s weird. Did you hide anything on the map, for example fixes?

No, nothing is hidden

Are you on solo?

No, I’m flying live on the expert server. I only see a track headed to the US.

Interesting… Perhaps once you finish restart your device, they should be there… I do believe there is only one track right now in between EGLL and KJFK!

So nothing is wrong then? That’s strange because I just looked at LiveFlight and there seems to be a track of flights headed to Europe

I do not think so, I can see tracks on my map…

Both tracks?

there is only one Atlantic track at the moment…

That’s because there isn’t a track now in real life which accomodates traffic from the US to Europe. Most traffic departs for Europe in the evening in the US and hence arrives in the morning in Europe. This is just a convention. Infinite Flight’s NATs are dynamic and are updated to match real life, so if there is not a track from the US to Europe in Infinite Flight, there isn’t a track there in real life. The only track present now is A (as of 0943Z), which goes from Europe to the US which makes sense as a lot of traffic bound for the US departs in the morning/afternoon from Europe.

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Oh that explains a lot 😂 If the track to Europe is non-existent than you can just make your own fpl?

Yup! You’re free to make your own flight plan. Just make sure you are flying at an odd altitude when heading from the US to Europe as you’ll be flying eastwards :)

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Thanks so much for the help!

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Ehh I wouldn’t be too sure. If I wanted to do JFK to Madrid or Lisbon, I’d have to go all the way to Ireland and then fly South again. It would probably add 1 unnecessary hour.

Just to clear something up:
You don’t have to use the track. You can use something called a “random routing”. For example, if I was flying from Heathrow to somewhere like Rio De Janero (sorry if that’s spelt wrong) in Brazil, It would make no sense to go that far north. In that case, I would use GPS coordinates. Stuff like “5200N0300W. You can also do this if the track doesn’t go in your direction of travel - although for realism, if it makes sense to use the track, but your going the wrong way, I recommend you go the other way.