Oceanic tracks issue


When I was making a FPL from MUC to IAD I used the red track but when I clicked on it wen‘t back and forth so that I had 6000NM in the end.


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Hmmm. Pass us a screenshot or even use the replay website (IDK what it is) to show us what happened

Maybe the track you used was to go the other way. You have to check the NAT name is in the side you want to start

Ohh so they only go one way?

yes, only one way

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You have to delete one of the waypoints and then move everything around to the opposite end and then it should work just -1 waypoint. I had the same issue this morning as well

Well then there isn’t a bug :)

See, the NAT only starts at point A, it doesn’t work the other way

For more information on all the new stuff, please see the new User Guide linked below:

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There is three tracks. A,Y and Z

funny enough my first flight was the exact same just in the other direction IAD - MUC😂

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Haha nice 😂

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That’s the same with me there is meant to be multiple but I’m only getting track a and then when I click on it the game crashes

Probably a 20.1 bug. We need to wait for a hotfix update

Not a bug! The Oceanic tracks you can see in Infinite Flight are based on real-life data. At the moment, there’s only one Atlantic track published and active in real life (Track A), that’s why you can only see one. And yes, the tracks are supposed to be one way 😊🌎