Oceanic tracks error

Hello! Ive started a new flight using the 772 and it seems like oceanic tracks doesnt show up… does anyone know how to fix it? Thank you!

It is just a glitch. I had it as well. Restart your device and you should be good :)


Yup, I got it to work. Thanks for the response!

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Is it normal to get a lot of lag on the game now.

Totally. i am using an ipad pro (11 inch model) and is lagging really hard

Does anyone know if the Australian Flex Tracks are also present or are those not added in 20.1?

Is that one of the best devices from Iphone the server probably very full.

Haha, its actually an ipad. And yep, it is equipped with a powerful chip

I think maybe because the server is full

Anytime! Glad to help

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Yes, the lag is normal. It’s due to the high server load. It’ll be fixed soon

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Thank you for the feedback really appreciated so much 😊


my game just crashed that 2 mins ago and this game is very unplayable i need help also my game gets laggy and my device gets hot quickly pls fix this asap IF Im also flying at the lowest settings as well

Sorry mate, but I dont think theres really a solution for this 😅. The best thing to do is to wait until the traffic goes away. Have a great day!

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