Oceanic Tracks after the last update

After updating Infinite Flight, I noticed that oceanic tracks over the Atlantic have changed. Somehow I don’t see any track from West to East, all the tracks are from East to West. [Training Server] and I’m not sure how I’m going to fly over the Atlantic without any track now…

Since I opened a topic, I want to add a question: When new oceanic tracks will be added? (Northern South America)

This probably has something to do with a small glitch (it will most likely solve itself in no time), I suggest instead of stressing about this for the time being, use www.flightplandatabase.com to fill in your targeted flight route :)


Thanks a lot, that’s a great website.

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Glad I can help <3


We are aware of this and are investigating.
Hopefully you’ll be able to use 3rd party sources like the one suggested by @EnthusiasticAviation in the mean time.

Sorry about the inconvenience!


I pushed a fix for this now so it should update automatically again :)

We’ll keep an eye on it though.


gracias for more information on it

It looks better now 😂


what in pipper piper chronical migrane is this??

Oceanic tracks are broken and are going everywhere in my map

It’s broken on my map too

I don’t think they fixed it…

Yeah - map still broken…

The developers are aware of the issue, as indicated by their previous replies. It’s the weekend now and most staff live in a time zone where it’s either early morning or late at night right now. But I’m sure this will be looked into as soon as the devs possibly can 😊


Same for me. Just used SimBreif.

Hey folks, sorry about that, there were some new coordinates that we weren’t expecting and weren’t being handled correctly on our end. The fix has been pushed and is now live:


Sorry for the inconvenience!


Tracks from West to East will appear later?

If they aren’t already in the game, I would believe so. These tracks are updated on a daily basis and are valid for 24 hours so perhaps the controllers in Ireland and Canada are working on the new tracks for the day.

Yeah shout out to them

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