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is there anyway to tell if your flight path from fpltoif is going to use an oceanic track just by looking at the flight path?

Just pasting it into IF unfortunately… However a map like simbriefs might tell you!

No. If you use a website called SimBrief it tells you if you are using a NAT in the flight plan.

(ie NATA = North Atlantic Track A)

It also depends on if your SimBrief profile is tied to the current cycle or not to get the current tracks.

So that’s what that means. I saw that on my flight plan and wasn’t sure. Thank you I’ll keep that in mind for future flights

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do you mean if it has not been updated? As in the tracks haven’t updated?

Is there a way to check that?

The AIRAC cycle on simbrief. Right now the current cycle is 2007. You need a navigraph subscription in order to access it

Which I do have

If you don’t have a subscription you have 1903. If you do you have 2007 until July 15 and then you will get 2008

Ah but then how comes IF Tracks are the same as simbriefs right now?

I do have a navigraph subscription

Oh ok. Then you should have 2007. Just select it under AIRAC cycle when you go to make your flight plan

How do I do that?

You go to dispatch system, new flight, and scroll down until you see AIRAC cycle

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