Oceanic Track Z Glitch

I don’t know if this is my phone freaking out but my Oceanic Track is glitched it goes from Washington and ends in Shanwick Airspace


This is due to some waypoints having the same name and sometimes it recognises the wrong waypoint

I think it’s because that’s the ATC hub for today so it can direct planes straight there?

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Yes the Oceanic tracks comes from the best winds going in a direction. So here from washington the winds are good for people going east. That is why it starts there

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i love the humor of the ifc.

This is not true. NATS tracks is basically an airway over a very limited radar coverage area designed by Gander and Shanwick everyday. Although it is true that they are designed based on the best winds etc. Washington is a city with loads of radar coverage whereas the Atlantic is not. They do not originate from Washington. Read my above reply aswell :)


Yes i have half the answer which is true. But thank you

I found a website which said that the Z track has these set of waypoints: Z AVUTI 59/50 61/40 61/30 58/20 SUNOT KESIX.

Source: North Atlantic Tracks?

And i never said they start from washington all the times. I said maybe cause the winds are good that might be the reason it starts there

They will never start there (in Washington) ever. The track is incorrectly displayed due to this:

This same issue is present today with track Y, there are 2 fixes with SAVRY and it choose the wrong one.

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They wouldn’t be called Oceanic Tracks if they are over land. Please read my above two replies. This is a glitch with the app. I’m going to end the conversation here so we dont clog the thread. Thanks

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Ok thanks 😊

Thanks guys for blowing up my notification

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