Oceanic Track (Track Y)

New york Fly down South America,then 180° Fly to the North Pole,Then pass through Russia and Japan,Pacific Ocean, then arrive in Australia,But he did not stop and continued to fly down to Antarctica,Fly across the Atlantic to Britain,Is this a new flying method?I like it


I guess Shanwick and Gander Centers got bored today, decided to really test those ETOPS ratings.


Lol must be a glitch of some sort


This reminds me of flight plan database.
That is a weird bug.


Thank you for the information, I was just checking to see if it had been reported.

Retracted my previous comment. This looks like an actual bug. The NAT Y track has the waypoint 5030/50.
IF seems to be be treating 5030 as an integer and parsing it as 10S/50W. It is supposed to mean 50.5N/50W.

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Best reply of the decade

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I am having this issue too. I am sure it will be fixed soon.

This is a known glitch so what I would do is live server start on casual then go on any other server and see if that works!

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