Oceanic track issues

I guess there are a couple of issues with oceanic tracks:
NAT tracks are showing one of the entry/exit routes as part of the track
PACOT tracks are incomplete

NAT tracks have been derived from real world data. PACOTS are a bit more of a challenge as they’re not as easily obtainable when compared to NATs. NATs should update automatically when the real world tracks update. PACOTs are the problem child as the input process is different. The PACOTs that you see there will likely unchange until it can be addressed in the future.

If you look at NAT Y, it extends all the way to KIAD. It should only start at the second waypoint.
EDIT: The issue is actually that waypoint HOIST resolved incorrectly to the wrong waypoint. This is definitely a bug.

From one conversation to another. I addressed the questions/concerns above.