Oceanic Routing

Hello everyone,
So I prepared a flight plan to fly from BKK to LAX and I am having trouble entering the oceanic routing into the fpl page.
Below is the routing :
UPKUP3J UPKUP Y16 BUTRA A1 PAPRA/K0883F330 A1 BUNTA/K0880S1005 A1 IKELA/N0472F330 DCT MORTU DCT NOBAD DCT ENVAR/N0473F350 M750 LEKOS R583 BORDO Z31 ONC V73 DOVAG DCT 29N140E 29N150E/N0464F370 28N160E 28N170E 29N180W 31N170W/N0455F390 33N160W 35N150W 36N140W 35N130W/N0456F410 DCT AUDIA DCT SNAXX RYDRR2

I am unable to enter from “29N140E“ to “ 35N130W”.

Help would be appreciated


Hi there!

See this tutorial on inputting coordinates into your Infinite Flight Flight Plans:

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Why not use this great tool to convert your simbrief FPL and keep all the fix names?

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Thank you for the tutorial!

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Nice tool!
Thanks so much!

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