Oceanic IFATC services

It would be great to have Oceanic IFATC services for the Atlantic and Pacific oceans just as in real life.

I think this topic fits into ATC maybe? I don’t know but I was told to post it in #atc

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I think what he meant is oceanic clearance to cross the atlantic (CMIIW)

He is requesting something and request belongs in the feature category.

Could you add more substance to your post to make it easier for people to understand, but good idea (:

You see, when people do long haul flights, they tend to get to cruise altitude and leave their device.
You don’t stay on your device for the entire flight, meaning that 95% of the pilots will not tune into the frequency.


In case, you should be referring to the Center frequencies that were taken from the IF in the first update to Global Pro, right?


Yeah like Santa Maria OACC, Gander, Shanwick, etc

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Well, for some regions it would be nice, but as has been said, there is the problem of the pilot leaving for anything and leaving the plane flying alone on autopilot. If it is the case of returning with the Center frequency, it would have the IFATC not have to give ghost at this frequency or, then, to have Center’s option to ban the Center frequency pilot during that flight only, since it is unanswered.

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