Oceanic Flying Tutorial

Great tutorial! Can’t wait to try the A318 route from LHR to JFK using NATs! A pretty interesting route 🤣

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Can’t wait when they have an update where there’s a track flying from Asia to US, over the pacific!

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Thank you. But believe many of your customers (users) are not American or from other English language nations. So please speak articulately and a little slower in your next tutorials.
Thank you


Hey, Ehsan! YouTube offers the ability to includes captions, as well as the ability to adjust the speed of the video. If need be, click the gear button in the bottom right hand corner, where you can enable/disable captions for better understanding as well as slow down/speed up options as to slow down the talking.

All information that are in the video tutorials can also be found in a written form within the user guide, linked below.


Really cool!

Love it! So short yet so helpful!

thanks for this tutorial

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Thank you! This will definitely help me out. :)

I love this new feature, it really helps simplify long treks across the pond.

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