Oceanic Crossing

This may be a silly question but how do aircraft climb over the middle of the ocean? i always thought that you were assigned an altitude to cross at and had to remain at this altitude until you were in range of another air traffic control station. is there already preassigned climbs and descends or am i missing something. Thanks in advance.

This should be in #real-world-aviation assuming you’re talking about the real world.
Regarding your question, I don’t have an answer, I wish I did!

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Have a look at this.

I don’t believe that aircraft can climb or descend but perhaps they contact ATC through the ways used in this video to request something.

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ill take a look at that video thanks. this has been confusing me for quite some time

@Oscar_Santos There are lines that I guess you could call ‘aircraft roads’ which in real life are assigned to planes by ATC for safe crossing and to avoid collision. Also I think that planes have to request permission via computer to actually enter the Atlantic Ocean for flights to the USA and back.

Example from Simbrief:

Also, you just normally step climb in infinite flight e.g. FL320 - FL350 - FL380 every 2 hours or so as there is no Oceanic Tower like in real life.

I hope this helped.

-Flight Gamer

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Yes it seems this is how it seems its done thank you.

thanks you to @cr1ck3ter @Flight_Gamer for the video and information i now understand how they would cross and in the way they would change altitudes over a no coverage zone.

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