Oceanic Clearances for Global

Well the title says it all, it would bring a new level of realism having to report pos. like in the real world.


Gander and Shannon will always have to be active since so many people will want to cross the Atlantic


Yes but you can also just say on unicom: KLM 146, Crossing the Atlantic Ocean, going towards Royal Schiphol Airport

It would be cool if we would have an option of choosing one of the “highways” in the sky. We should only be able to fly over the Atlantic on one of those routes, well on expert at least. Might mean more waiting and coding but a better and safer IF.

Seems like much more talk about global is being brought up, if anyone knows when it is planed to come out plz reply

Literally no one knows. Not even the developers.

If this is ever added. It would seems like Hawaii would have to give oceanic clearance when crossing the pacific… Right?

Thats not how it works… you fly to gander then gander clears you, are cleared on 1 of 10 ten North Atlantic Tracks. Airplanes are spaced 15 mins apart (140 miles). All highways start up by gander so planes fly up the East coast to gander then they are assigned a “highway” and then when they get towards the end they contact Shannon and get vectored towards their destination

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You would have to say a whole lot more than that

I just gived an example

If it’s infinite flight, why should we have to use any of the established routes? Other than specified events where heavy traffic is anticipated it just isn’t necessary to restrict it.

Realism, it just adds to it

Flight school. 😏

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I think this would be a great idea for global. it might be pretty hard to program though.

It’s not required in real life to cross the Northern Atlantic using the North Atlantic Tracks it is just the most efficient way to do it as it cuts over an hour off each flight west to east