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Thank You So Much,appreciate it!😄,we’ll be there in around 30 minutes

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Arriving there in around 40 mins ish, you still be there?

I can open up again soon. Closing up now as have to make dinner

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Thank You for the ATC service! @Chris_Hoss 😄

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Can we get ATC at YMML please?
It’s a group flight of nearly 15 pilots (as of now)
Estimated arrival time is 0600zulu

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Yes please,provide us with the ATC if possible,Thanks!

Queenstown Airport (NZQN)

Open Frequencies:


Runway In Use:

Departing : Closed
Landing : Closed

Open Time : 1355z

Operating Hours : 2021-06-05T13:55:00Z2021-06-27T15:20:00Z


An event will be taking place while I’m open. Please be respectful and check out the thread link at the bottom of this post, to ensure that you don’t spawn in a gate someone else has booked.


Now closed.

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Good Afternoon!!!

I would LOVE a North Queensland FNF? flyout, which would be cool, since hardly anyone flies in or out of Townsville, and there is some spectacular scenery, and the small islands near the Great Barrier Reef!

Also because its my current place of living :)

I would love some of your thoughts on this!

Thanks, Rye (YBTL.aviation) :)

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Hey mate,

The IFATC controllers of the Oceania region host weekly events on a Thursday evening AEST time.

We recently a couple of weeks ago, held an event where both Townsville and Cairns were in fact featured.


YMML Tower, Ground, ATIS, Approach and Departure are all now open on the Expert Server.

Will be open for at least the next couple of hours so feel free to fly in or fly out to many amazing destinations around Australia and across the globe.

Information U is current, and using runway 34 for landing and departing only due to works on 09/27 in real life.



Will this still be active at 4:30 AEST?

Because of our excitement, we’re already open for this event! Fly from Sydney to Canberra or Canberra to Sydney in any regional jet of your choice! (You could go retro and fly a Kendall CRJ2 if you’d like too!)

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Looks good!

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@Cameron_M I was so badly hoping for ATC during my Landing at YSSY now and what A lovely coincidence,that you just opened! Thanks!😆

Haha no worries!I’ll be watching your landing so make it good 🤣

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Watch me butter! 🧈 😜

Nice landing!!

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Thanks Mate,A bit off centreline though due to crosswind, will be taking off again now,bound for Abu Dhabi!

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Code: NZQN
City: Queenstown
Country: New Zealand

Cool flights you can do:

Closing: At 1953Z
Notams / Remarks: Use of departure and arrival procedures recommended. Aircraft size restrictions in effect.

Hey IFC,
NZQN (Queenstown) Tower Ground ATIS online
RW 05 in use for departures/arrivals

Come explore the stunning scenery & views in the resort town of Queenstown , NZ 😍