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Infinite Flight Oceania Pilots Group (IFOPG) was founded in 2019 by @Air_Boss, @calebthecaptain and @Jase_toi.

IFOPG provides a high degree of professionalism to the infinite flight community by enforcing real-world rules, procedures and regulations.

Operations Plan
Experience Statement

What is IFOPG?

Infinite Flight Oceania Pilots Group (IFOPG) is a professional flight group.
We strive to be as professional as possible, and at the same time have fun within the community.

  • Regular Local Events
  • Regular International Events
  • Regular Partnered Alliance Events

We use an extensive assessment stream to select and grade pilots accordingly. We pride ourselves on a high level of professionalism, knowledge, experience, commitment, and strict recruiting criteria.

With our involvement with Infinite flight passengers (IFPAX), we hope to offer our pilots a more unique experience for not only flights but ranking progression.

Even though we are a fictional virtual group, all our event routes are researched to reflect real-time route planning we believe optimising the experience

Oceania Pilots Group is committed to extending our global partner alliance network.

Why Join Us?

Selecting a Virtual Airline or Virtual Organization can be a difficult discussion, so why join IFOPG?

Firstly from our CEO:
Welcome Aboard! Glad to have you with us, you are now joining an expanding team of Passionate Infinite Flight Pilots and our pilots are what make our organisation great! Every time you hit the skies you are representing Oceania Pilots Group.

On behalf of the team, we thank you & hope you enjoy your time with us.

Oceania Pilots Group was founded with the hope of connecting not only Oceania region pilots but the greater infinite community.

At IFOPG, all our staff are hand-picked and are equipped with the experience and knowledge that should you have any problems they are here to help you and ensure your time spent flying with us is the best it can possibly be.

At Oceania Pilots Group we believe Quality, over quantity and with our in depth recruiting process the quality of group and the pilots within the group will be of the highest level

  • We offer committed & organised Virtual Operations.
  • We offer a mature leadership group.
  • We are open to local and International Pilots with scheduled weekly events to suit anyone and everyone’s time zone.
  • We have a growing member database,
  • We use an extensive assessment stream to select and grade pilots accordingly.
  • We pride ourselves on a high level of professionalism/knowledge/experience and with strict recruiting criteria our group is designed for the committed IF player.
  • We are actively seeking partnered virtual alliances, which in turn will not only bring the greater infinite community together but will open up the partnered event schedule
  • We are a friendly community made up of all ages.

Finally our pilots have the oppurtunity to either become recreational pilots and or certified career pilots.

  • "RECREATIONAL PILOT” - Ranked Recreational flights
  • "CERTIFIED PILOT” - Ranked recreational flights / Unrestricted ranked IFPAX Flight Operations

Our Executives
Position Responsibilities Current Appointment
CEO Chief Executive @Air_Boss
COO Oversees Operations @calebthecaptain
CFO Back Office Manager @Jase_Toi
CTO Technology Officer Todd G
Our Moderators
Position Responsibilities Current Appointment
Events Manager Organise and Manage Events Hunter L

Staff Application is Open!

  • Minimum Grade 3 (Access to Expert)
  • 14 Years Old and Above
  • At least 200 landings
  • Minimum 200 Hours of Flight Time
  • Minimum 80,000XP
  • Violation/Landing Ratio 0.3 or less
  • Basic Knowledge with Discord

[Steps 1-3 Rec Pilot Qualification / Step 4-6 Certified Pilot Qualification]
STEP 1: Apply NOW!


STEP 3: Complete Flight Test 1 (Circuits Operations)

STEP 4: Complete the Advance Theory Test

STEP 5: Complete Flight Test 2 (VFR Navigation)

STEP 6: Complete Flight Test 3 (IFR Navigation/Group Flight)

We have broken down to TWO ranking systems. A GROUP rank, and a FLIGHT rank. Details below:

Group Ranks

Group Rank is a ranking system used to distinguish members who have achieved a specific milestone:

Rank Description Pre-requisite
New Members Members Pending Admission None
Registered Members With Approved Membership Complete Application
Recreational Pilots Members who have passed BOTH Entry Theory AND Flight Test 1 Pass Theory and Flight Test 1
Provisional Pilots Members who have passed BOTH Advance Theory and Flight Test 2 Pass Advance Theory and Flight Test 2
Certified Pilot Members who completed all required assessment and deemed to be proficient with commercial flights, performed with IFPAX Pass ALL required assessments, rank up at admin’s discretion
Flight Ranks
Rank Requirements
Cadet 0-25hrs
Junior Second Officer 25-50hrs
Senior Second Officer 50-75hrs
Junior First Officer 75-100hrs
Senior First Officer 100-200hrs
Captain 200-500hrs
Senior Captain 500-650hrs
Training Captain 650-800hrs
Commander 800-1000hrs
Fleet and Routes

At OPG, we don’t limit ourselves to any particular aircraft or airline, Our Pilots can fly anything and everything within Infinite Flight.
Our Scheduled events rotate international Departures and Arrivals/Airlines & Aircraft.

Destinations We Fly To
  • Oceania
  • North America
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Caribbean
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Kiwi Air (Air New Zealand VA)


Careers / Contact
Sign up TODAY!

Please Contact Our Staff For any questions @Air_Boss, @calebthecaptain, @Jase_Toi


Disclaimer: Infinite Flight Oceania Pilots Group (IFOPG) is in no way affiliated with any airlines and/or organisation. All rights reserved for all assessment, study contents, images, videos, audio tracks and trademarks.

Wow nice thread guys!


nice thread


Great thread Bro,

Highly recommend this VA, Mature & Professional team of lads

Great people 👌👍


Oceania Pilots Group (December update)
-December enrollments open now
-Minimum Sign up requirements changed
-Pilot training & Ranking is currently under review and changes being rolled out

1.Minimum Grade 3 (Access to Expert)
2.14 Years Old and Above
3.Basic Knowledge with Discord
4.Able to Complete basic Theory & Check flight

1.Minimum 10 LOGGED hours per fortnight
2.Join at LEAST one group flight per month
3.Maintain Professionalism

We are also currently seeking x3 enthusiastic and professional pilots to join our ranks, if you would like further information please contact us.

Head of Division - General Aviation: [Position Filled]
Head of Division - Commercial Flights: [Vacant - Apply NOW!]
Chief Pilot - [Vacant - Apply NOW!]
Examiner - [Vacant - Apply NOW!]


Amazing thread, amazing group.

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